18 Aug Tuesday night jumpclub crew

Good session tonight. Highlights include Connor Lowe taking a couple of tumbles but carrying on like a Sid James trooper. He’s only 6, but a tough cookie. All JUMPCLUB riders will eventually take a fall and so far everyone has bounced back. But parents, don’t forget that all riders need to pad up. Secondly I’ve been giving some thought regarding the categories for the end of year JUMPCLUB awards. Look out for the new Tough Guy award to be included, inspired by Connor Lowe’s performance tonight.

Another highlight, was Ike NOT losing his gloves for a change… Result!

#ROTW was chosen by last weeks winner, Douglas Lockyer. Richard Penney won tonight, based on being a badass.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped. Well done to the lively Stephanie Nowak for finally working out that jumpclub has a website.

Jumpclub tees coming any day now….ooooooOO