Hersden hits back 24/05/15

jumpclub returned to Hersden on 24/05/15
It felt more like Round 3 with Tyson on Sunday. Plenty of crashes and an A&E trip for someone who should practise what he teaches.

The Bexhill Observer press release is copied below, which gives a quick overview of results. But it doesn’t quite reflect:

1. The team commardary in our pit area
2. The level of wine consumption in our pit area
3. The improvements which our riders are making, every time they race.

It’s not easy being a beginner rookie at any age. I’m impressed with the dedication of our riders week in, week out. Hopefully they recognise the progress being made.

Whilst the scientists are working on the correct ratio of Haribo to pasta intake, we will keep focusing on getting radder whilst avoiding A&E.

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9 local BMX racers travelled to Hersden race track, near Canterbury, on Sunday 24th May to compete in the third race of the Kent series.

The squad included 3 riders in the 6-7 year class. Zachary Tier and Ted Latham-Martin both qualified for the B final, Ted taking a well deserved 4th whilst Zachary took the win after crashing twice in the tough qualifiers. Ike Duly qualified for the A final and took home an aggressive 5th place in the largest class of the day.

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Max Winchester battled hard all day, overcoming a crash to qualify for the B Final, finishing a strong 2nd.

The pace went up a notch for the fast 14-16 age group. Bexhill based riders dominated the class. James Potts remained unbeaten all day, dominating the pack with consistency. Douglas Lockyer also made the podium with third place. Richard Penner and Sam battled all day taking very respectable 4th and 5th places in just their 2nd time racing.

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Keith Duly won his first qualifier in the cruiser class, before breaking his wrist whilst leading his second race.

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Keith Duly, who also heads up the local coaching sessions, said “this was another big notch for our small Bexhill race club. It’s been a tough day for them and a big learning curve, we’ve seen lots of progress today. I’m so proud to be involved with such a great bunch of riders and parents’.

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session 23/05/15

Saturday sessions are going strong. Unfortunately, due to growing numbers we have had to introduce a waiting list. To ensure riders get a decent experience we have also had to tighten up the range of ability attending. Session 1 is now aimed at confident 6 yrs plus riders. Our aim is to introduce a new 5 yrs and under session in the near future.

Bexhill’s Fastest Go Global

Bexhill’s fastest, Kim ‘Double 0’ Batsford and Darren ‘UBR’ Uttley recently qualified for the 2015 Championships in Belgium. image-2
Like half of Bexhill High at the time, Kim started racing in ’84. By the late 80’s Kim was one of the country’s fastest female racers, finally beating her nemesis Lisa Wright to win the national at Hounslow, I forget the year. Without doubt the UK’s best female jumper of her era (full X-ups, step-thrus etc). Kim quit racing in ’91 and went under the radar until I spotted her out on her road bike early last Summer and tried convincing her to dig her old 20” out. Only a few weeks later she made podium at Burgess Park in the 2014 Southern BMX Champs. A few months after that she broke her elbow and pinged a few ligaments at Gravesend. But yet she’s back for more.
I have no idea on Uttley’s back ground, he just turned up one day, being all rad.
Both of them had great results at the last national, held at Cyclopark, Gravesend. UBR banged out a 4th in his tough 25-29 class and Double 0 made 2nd (Kim’s finished runner-up at more National finals than any other athlete, in any sport, ever).
UBR has the potential to be a handful at the World Championships. If he has a touch of luck, gets his flow-on and holds his nerve, then he has the potential to throw his S&M* toaster in the bath and cause a problem for those international factory boys. When you ask him what his target is for the Worlds, he gives it the.. ‘I’m going for the experience’ response’. Truth is, he’s training hard and gunning to represent team GB with a decent result. The only thing between UBR and a world ranking, is an out of date passport (I bet he hasn’t checked it). The same positivity goes for Kim. If all goes to plan and she gets the track dialled, has a dash of luck and stays out of trouble (she gets into a lot of bar brawls apparently) then she’ll make her A Final target. Tough call though, female 30+ class is very quick and brutal.
These two are up against some seriously prepared athletes. But the beauty of BMX racing is that it always leaves room for an underdog to sneak up on the inside of turn one and come out making history.
Jumpclub are proud to be helping these two with their training over the next few weeks and these two should proud that the whole of jumpclub will be behind them all the way to the A Finals. You’ll see them hanging out on Saturday mornings, so wish them luck and ask them for a free pro-tip.

*Hopefully JumpClub parents are aware that S&M has a different meaning in BMX. Plus, no jumpclub kids will ever read this, so I don’t need to mention the dangers of toasters in bathwater.

May 2015 sessions

Saturday Sessions:
May Sat 2nd
May Sun 3rd @ Kent Championships, Hersden
May Tue 5th Race Academy (selection only)
May Sat 9th No coaching *
May Tue 12th Race Academy (selection only)
May Sat 16th
May Tue 19th Race Academy (selection only)
May Sat 23rd
May Sat 30th no coaching
*riders encouraged to support 24Down event hosted by 4Down on May 8th and 9th @Hastings more info click here

More info on the saturday sessions post.

Indoor skate park sessions t.b.a (keep checking this website for details).

jumpclub hits Hersden

Riders from the Jumpclub sessions hit the Hersden Team Champs on 3rd May, 2015. The squad were joined by seasoned pros Lloyd F, Kim ’00’ Bats and UBRs finest Darren U.
We rammed the 14-16 class with jumpclub regulars Sam R, Richard P, Billy S, Douglas L, Nick H, James P and Syndicates Lloyd F. Four of these dudes are first time rookies. James P made the A Final. Lockyer qualified with the most points out of the rest and just missed-out on the race-off for the A main. The boys represented well in the b final, with Billy finishing a strong 2nd. Lloyd oozed track craft all day made a strong finish in the A final. I’m so impressed with this bunch of riders in particular. Most of them raced on street bikes against older kids, but looked awesome. This was my favourite class of the day. Huge potential here, such a nice bunch, I hope they stick at it. Thanks to Sam for making the last minute effort to support the team. Good to see James Potts at the race also, hopefully we’ll see more of him at future jumpclub sessions.
Max and Steve W were super rad to watch. Both crashing at one point but both carrying on. SW could win that class with a little training, I clocked a proud Max watching him. Max was way faster on his new bike, huge progress, amazing attitude! Joe cracked on with racing in the 8-9s, and more than held his own against the 9year olds, looked strong and determined all day long and made an awesome 2nd in his B final. Sweet!
UBR and Kim used this race as a training day for their busy schedule of nations and regionals and of course the impending World Championships in July. Congratulations to them both for qualifying for the worlds by the way. I’m looking forward to supporting their training.

One of my favourite jumpers, Zachary ‘Speedball’ Tier is at the younger end of the 6-7 year olds but fought fearlessly all day making the podium in the B final. This boy battles, love it! Connor L looked fast on his new Cuda and spent all day getting quicker and quicker, his day will come. Very impressive considering he’s still 6, on a new bike and only started training this year. I was stoked to see my favourite rider (of course!) Ike make his A final, coming from gate 8 to make 5th. He had great starts all day and like his buddy Joe, was looking for the move as he entered every berm.
Ted had such a cool attitude all day. That boy rode his 16″ Jet as fast as it would possibly go and smiled the whole way round. He looked so cool in his race kit and had proper race technique, he looked the business. Race bike needed Nicco.

Rookie Mark Lowe chose to jump straight into the tough 17+ class for his first race. That’s a big ask even for 20 year olds. Mark had quick gates all day and consistency, but when you’re up against that class it’s not easy. Mark held his own though and made his boys proud.

My rider of the day goes to Dylan L who raced against some very tough experienced opposition all day, but stuck with it. Dylan you did yourself proud and us in the 10-11s. Stick in there buddy, you’ll be beating your dad before you know it!

This is just the start, it was really useful from my perspective to see you guys in action and get some ideas for the direction of future sessions. Watching every individual made me a proud coach yesterday, you’re not as rad as the ’86 US Hutch team, but you’re a close second 😉 Here’s a quick shout to the jumpclub riders which stayed at home, hopefully you guys will join us for a race soon and get well Connor!

Special thanks to the parents, (especially Claire for the cakes).You lot are nearly as cool as the kids.

/Jim Dirt