23rd June Tuesday night jumpclub crew

Pictured: Connor Lowe Jr found his zone tonight. Such a solid jumper. Brilliant.

23rd June Tuesday JumpClub Crew.
Darren ‘UBR’ Uttley took time out of his world’s training schedule tonight to hang out with our Tuesday night jumpclub crew . Grass sprints followed by the juniors jumping and the older guys manualling. Rad session. So impressed with the riders determination tonight. Well done Conner Novak on his first Tuesday night session.


session 20/06/15

Jumpclub is rad and so is Cllr Carroll.

R.O.T.W went to Daniel. Busy and hot today. Special shouts to Louie, welcome back buddy and to new guy Sam. Good to see more girls getting involved Amy and Sarah! Keep rollin’ people.. No coaching next Saturday.



If you’re not passing, or trying to pass, then you’re not racing” (and Other Pro-Tips)

“If you’re not passing, or trying to pass, then you’re not racing” (and Other Pro-Tips)

Last Summer we asked some of our oldest and most inspirational friends to submit a coaching tip exclusively for our JUMPCLUB riders. They’re not aware of it, but these hombres have helped to shape JUMPCLUB, so blame them for this mess. I’ve left the best tip till last, no peaking. Actually, I’ve already given it away in the title. This article needs way more structure.

We needed the biggest names in BMX to kick off JUMPCLUB’s Pro-Tips. Top of the list were Simon Tabron and Dale Holmes.It’s no secret that Dale Holmes is Jim Dirt’s favourite ever racer of all time. Dale runs an awesome community coaching programme in the states and trains some of the quickest pros on the planet. Dale dominated the UK professional class for some 15+ years. Multiple world champ, including professional world champ 3 times. Yep, read that sentence again. But the reason we love him, is how he goes about it. But that’s another story. Dale is the fastest person ever to have visited our sunny Bexhill track, sorry Nelson Chanardy you got trumped.

“Listen. Work hard and have fun. Watch the other pros and never be afraid to ask questions. Make goals and work towards them, small steps. Study your sport.“
Dale Holmes 3 x Pro World Champ

Just so happens that Simon Tabron has also ridden our humble Bexhill track once or twice and he’s also a 3 time pro world champ, this time on vert. Simon has been on top of the UK BMX scene since I can remember. But unlike the rest of us in our 40’s, Simon’s still improving, genuinely. You’ll have seen Simon on one of the extreme channels and BMX magazines everywhere, he’s been a regular X-Games and Dew Tour athlete over the years. He took a nasty slam involving a number of pins earlier this year and it’s good to see him back rippin’ so quickly. I remember Simon showing me a photo of one of his first back flips (Southsea and a mattress) in the early 90’s (?). He’s come along way since then. Here’s some footage of Si at Tony Hawks ramp.

“My favourite tip that I give is this: Always put the riding first. If you do this, everything else will come to you. Don’t get too focused on sponsorship, results, magazine coverage, rankings, fame, gossip or what other people think of you, what bike and gear you have. Just focus on your riding. Ride, ride, ride and ride some more. Everything else will follow.”

Simon Tabron
BMX Vert Legend, X-Games athlete

Sebastian Keep is a local boy, born in Hastings but most of us local mid-schoolers remember Bas from the mighty Crowhurst ramps. After nailing back flips at just 11 years old (the hard way, off the Crowhurst fly-out onto a mattress) he went onto ride for Hoffman Bikes, Redbull and Cult. He’s well known for riding everything, especially massive quarters. Anyhow, he’s the best BMXer ever to come from our local area. In May this year, his latest trick featured on what is becoming recognised as the most infamous BMX magazine cover ever. His tip reflects his riding to a tee and should be our club strapline. Bas is a great role model for you JUMPCLUB kids (not that any are reading this..).

“I’d say to never worry about what other people think of your riding, just ride whatever is the most fun for you and do whatever tricks you like doing the most”.

Sebastian Keep
Quarter Master
I love the Bexhill track more than my house (not the people in it x). The last refurb we had was a few years back and we chose the UK’s best track builder for the job, Phil’ Hudu’ Charnley, founder of www.dirtworksbmx.com because he gets where we’re coming from. Not many guys can genuinely ride a bike and throw a digger around. I repeated this tip to the kids only this morning, works a treat.

“..to jump UP, you gotta crouch DOWN. Load yourself downwards before the lip and leap. The bike will follow”.

Track Builder Supreme

One of my BMX idols is my dad, because we had blast enjoying BMX together over the years. We still enjoy chatting about old and new BMX stuff. Randomly, another of my idols is someone else’s Dad too, for the very same reason. Scott ‘Uncle Buck’ Dick, The BMX Time Lord of Hayes Hawks BMX Club. I had the privilege of being interviewed for Ride BMX mag in 2013, I said that every BMX parent should aim to enjoy BMX with their kids as much as Uncle Buck continues to enjoy it with his. Scott wrote me an essay of a tip, my favourite segment which I continue to use with younger riders is:

“Always try to look after your own kit, pack your own bag the night before you go to a coaching session or race. Have Fun”.

Scott Dick
Mayor of London BMX

Parents like that tip also. My son didn’t listen, he’s already lost 2 pairs of gloves this season.

DJ CK Flash. If you’re racing BMX in the UK you’ve heard this guy laugh. He’s not only the funniest man in BMX he’s also the most motivational (he’s genuinely available as key note speaker). He’s looking to buy a pub in Hastings, random, but cool for us. BMX loves him, we love him. He recently made a movie, which of course he plugged during the tip:

“ One way – keep on rising – keep dreaming and keep your eye on the goal, train hard and you will see the results you want, plan six months ahead on what you want to achieve in BMX.”
DJ CK Flash
DJ and BMX Guru

When I attended my British Cycling BMX coaching course, I was miffed that nobody in the room was wearing skate shoes and there was more than one Adidas tracksuit. What people wore on their feet probably wasn’t the main focus of the course, but it did weird me out for a moment. Anyhow, the tutors on that course did do the business and completely won me over. They definitely added a new dimension to my coaching head. Nathaniel was one of those tutors, he’s a full time BMX coach in London and is bringing some non-stop energy into the London race scene.. Turns out not only does he have the best name in BMX, but he’s also had numerous road trips to Bexhill and knows our scene well. He’s the kinda guy you want coaching your kid. There are 3 rules to JUMPCLUB which we tell the kids at each session. We should really write them down, as I’m always getting them confused. However, Nathaniel’s rule is usually mentioned:

“Listen to the coaches. They will be able to point out areas for improvement that the rider may not be able to see..”

Nathaniel Thaddeus-Cornelius Martin

My favourite of all BMX heroes are TEAM SANO. Drunk, travelled, Scottish and RAD. GoGo answered the call..

“Tell the kids the old Sam Woods tip, “If you’re not passing, or trying to pass, then you’re not racing!”

BMX traveller & everything good about BMX

I really enjoyed reading out the pro-tips last year, especially to the youngest riders, who frankly hate talking and just wanna ride.

Jim Dirt June 2015