JUMPCLUB at the races – Hersden this weekend

The JUMPCLUB tribe (in association with Bexhill Burners) has had a ball hitting the Hersden series in Kent this Summer. More than a dozen brand new riders from the Saturday JUMPCLUB sessions have raced for the first time. We’ve had proud parents, broken bones, some character building and a whole bunch of fun. Getting whooped on a 16” skate park bikes has never been so much fun.

The final race of the Summer series is this weekend (6th Sept). Plus our friends at Hersden have another race, the Kent Open Individual Champs lined up for Sunday 4th October, along with the presentation for the 2015 Summer series on the same day.

Here’s a few extra words from the infamous Tony Knot, our man at Hersden.. ‘After racing next Sunday the final points standings will not appear anywhere until the presentation after racing on 4th October. Next Sunday the track will open at 10, with registration closing at 12.30pm. Race entry fees will be £7 over 16s, £5 for under 16s, £2 car parking.

Also from our next raceday on 6 September, riders can vote for their Rider of the Year. All riders who have done three rounds can vote and be voted for, the full list of qualified riders will be on the board room 10am on that day, riders can also vote by pm to Tony Knott before 4 October. The Rider of the Year trophies (the other trophy winner decided by the committee) carry special significance as they will be awarded in memory of Nicola Sterling, who we sadly lost earlier this year. See you there….TK’

The list of qualified riders eligible to vote and be voted for is on the Hersden facebook site (riders cannot vote for themselves and each rider gets 3 votes).
Racers from JUMPCLUB listed are:
Zachary ‘Speedball’ Tier
Ike Duly
Ted Latham Martin
Joe ‘Pro’ Smith
Max ‘Power’ Winchester
James Potts
Billy Smith
Richard Penney
Douglas ‘Amtrak’ Lockyer.

session 29/08/15

Club Homeboy
Group 1 debrief

Group 1 debrief

Our homeboys from overseas just keep on rollin’ by. Zammo and Darren Mercer travelled from the other side of the world to check on the JUMPCLUB kids today. Big big shout to my best buddy Darren. He’s a JUMPCLUB original, now living and riding in Brisbane Australia living the dream. It’s the highlight of our summer to have him hanging at JUMPCLUB HQ for a couple of weeks. Much love to our men Darren & Zammo. BMX at work.

Session 1 #ROTW was Finley Wilkins. His dad is known to us as ‘Trees’, he wore clogs the first time he showed up to JUMPCLUB and he looks like a French film star. I say it every week, these kids are a pleasure to coach. Well done to Daniel for cracking on after a tumble, impressive attitude.

Zoe wants in. She’s just shouted to me across the room with her summary of the session: Harvey has grown 3 inches since the last session. Wishing Steve a speedy recovery after the fish overdose in Spain and to Kelly for her new bruise ;). Good commitment from Syd, Daisy and Hazel after returning from holiday yesterday.

Session 2. Was all about the jumping, with a couple of gates thrown in. ROTW was too close to call. Instead we organised an ultra-competitive slow race with the trophy going to the winner…which was Billy. Little shout here to The Amtrack’s track stand, excellent balance Douglas.

As always thanks to everyone who helped with track work and shifting the stupidly heavy jump boards around.

Keep dragging the kids along parents, they’ll learn to enjoy it eventually.
See you next week, and don’t forget to get the wine in for Hersden.


Corinne has watched more dirt jumpers at this track than she cares to remember. Hoffman, Mad Dog, Canning, Taj, Fuzzy shes seen them all with bells on. Here's KeironCorrine has watched more dirt jumpers at Bexhill on Sea track than she cares to remember: Hoffman, Mad Dog, Canning, Taj and Fuzzy. She’s seen them all with bells on.
Zachary TierZachary Tier

Joe 'Pro' SmithJoe Pro Smith

Ike DulyIke Duly

Connor NowakConnor Nowak

Kai and Joseph last straightKai and Joseph on the last straight.

Mark Step-upMark Step up

Harvey SkinnerHarvey Skinner

Max WinchesterMax Winchester

Richard PenneyRichard Penny

Kai and Joseph last straightKai and Joseph on the last straight.

Syd BattamSyd Battam

Zammo with #ROTW FinleyZammo with #ROTW Finley

session 22/08/15

Big thanks to Richard and Don for all the maintenance they’ve been doing.
Great first session from everyone. Really enjoying watching riders like Ollie, Ryan and Daniel progress. Conner ’Tough Guy’ Lowe took home the #ROTW and a couple of new grazes (to add to the ones he picked up on Tuesday).

One of my main missions this year is to make sure Daisy and Amy keep riding. Big potential for these two, crackin’ natural riding styles.

Session 2 took a trip to the races. Lots of 1 vs 1 racing went down. Last week’s ROTW ‘The Amtrak’ selected Zachary Tier as this week’s ROTW, superb riding from the Speedball. Last year’s Rookie of the Year, Jasper is such a cool rider to work with, just quietly worked hard and won a couple of races on the way. Good effort and good attitudes all round from everyone. Pleasure to coach this bunch.. JimDirt

Group 1Session 1 group

Connor Lowe#ROTW Conner ’Tough Guy’ Lowe

Ike and DadCoach(dad)(Jim Dirt) and Ike

DaisyDaisy – crackin’ natural riding style

Amy CattiniAmy – crackin’ natural riding style

Mark Vs RichMark Vs Rich

Keiron vs KeironKeiron Vs Keiron

Session 2 group shotSession 2 group shot

Zachary TrophyTrophy plus Zachary

Ike corneringIke cornering

Zachary Vs KieronZachery Vs Keiron

Monty RubyMonty ‘Solo Slushy’ M and Princess Duly

ZoePeter Crouch

Dylan and ZacharyDylan and Zachary

18 Aug Tuesday night jumpclub crew

Good session tonight. Highlights include Connor Lowe taking a couple of tumbles but carrying on like a Sid James trooper. He’s only 6, but a tough cookie. All JUMPCLUB riders will eventually take a fall and so far everyone has bounced back. But parents, don’t forget that all riders need to pad up. Secondly I’ve been giving some thought regarding the categories for the end of year JUMPCLUB awards. Look out for the new Tough Guy award to be included, inspired by Connor Lowe’s performance tonight.

Another highlight, was Ike NOT losing his gloves for a change… Result!

#ROTW was chosen by last weeks winner, Douglas Lockyer. Richard Penney won tonight, based on being a badass.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped. Well done to the lively Stephanie Nowak for finally working out that jumpclub has a website.

Jumpclub tees coming any day now….ooooooOO

session 08/08/15

The Well-Mannered Underdogs

Jack, Sonny and Harrison had a few laps with their respective (sweaty) parents chasing after them. Not actually part of the coaching, but a good giggle.

First session proper was all about the jumping. #ROTW went to Nicholas, well deserved. Lots of good riders in this session. Ryan rode well after taking a hit. It would be good to see more riders padded up like Ryan. www.sourcebmx.com do a nice range including some affordable pro-tec set (last time I looked).

Second session was just as intense. Height poles were requested for the second week in a row. Mark or Billy tool the win. Big improvements all round, but especially Douglas Lockyer who took the #ROTW

There’s a whole bunch of riders not getting a mention in these write-ups, but are totally impressing me with their determination. It’s not very BMX, but I’m also appreciating how polite and attentive everyone is.

Big thanks to everyone, especially the Penney family for getting there super early and pimping the third straight.


Good to see Louis Maher back in the mix‏


Jim Dirt King-Fu mid-life style‏


Connor Lowe, not so low


#ROTW Nicholas Newman in the huddle‏


Douglas Lockyer ‘Amtrak’



Worlds Article

2015 UCI BMX World Championships

PHOTO 1: Sprints with hops during a seafront 1 to 1 with UBR. Shortly after this shot, UBR hit this run with a full tilt manual, the boys got skills. Get in touch if you fancy 1 to 1 coaching, it’s well good 😉

Here’s the official JUMPCLUB well done to our two Bexhill based 2015 UCI BMX World Championships competitors. This all happened on the tough technical track in Zolder, Belgium home of the former F1 race track in late July. Darren ‘UBR’ Uttley took on the uber tough 25-29 yrs class, but unfortunately got moto’ed. Kim ‘00’ Batsford qualified with strong finishes in her quarter and semi, eventually taking home 8th in the 30yrs + Women’s class. Yep, congrats Kim on your W8 plate, awesome and the highlight achievement of 2015 for us locals.

Here’s a fact for you..we haven’t had a ‘W’ plate locally since Marc Moore (of Source fame) made W3 in the 15’s, in whatever year he was 15. Another, fantastic piece of sloppy BMX journalism from JUMPCLUB.

Anyhow, well done UBR and Double 0, you did everyone proud.
More on the UCI BMX World Championships click here

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1PHOTO 2: Kim Batsford & UBR rocking the GB colours

2015 SE Ripper Jr Race bike

2015 SE Ripper Jr Race bike
So this junior ripper has been tested by 8 year Ike over the past 4 months or so. Here’s the low down:
1. Get the spec at www.sebikes.com
2. Ike is 4ft 6” and the bike size looks like a perfect fit with space for a couple of growth spurts. SE website says the bike is ideal for 4ft 3” to 4ft 10”
3. Over to the little man, who gave it a bunch of praise, “Best bit about my bike is the speed and it’s light and it’s fast. Nothing bad about it”.
4. Ike’s favourite thing to do is jump and that has involved hooking up on a regular basis over the past few months. The alienation ankle biter rims have been impressive and stayed 99% true despite all of that junior abuse.
5. Graphics look kinda average, but no biggie.
6. Brakes are sharp, wheel tensioners make that mechanic dad stuff easy. Front wheel skewer and hollow rear axle are cool touches.
7. Ike rides the bike completely stock with the exception of pedals and front tyre. He didn’t try the stock Wellgo’s. They look ok, but could be grippier. The 1 1/8 Powerblock tyres are standard, but we’ve since bumped up the front to a 1 3/8 just because it feels more forgiving for a kid learning to corner and jump. Mid school stylin’.
8. Bars are the perfect size.
9. 2016 models are now out. They look almost identical, possibly a longer stem.

In summary: Cool little race bike. The whole thing feels well-built and solid. Great for the price. I’d buy it again.
You can purchase from sourcebmx.com

session 01/08/15

What! Thomas Hooper, Jon ‘Cong’ Barnett and Birdman all hangin’ at Jumpclub? Damn, we roll rad.

The trial 5 & under sessions continued. Harrison and Sonny tackled bridges, tunnels and mines but most importantly fed their bikes some grass during a quick rest break. More fun than an Iceland buffet.

Next session, Ryan and Kai took home the #rotw, well deserved.

Thomas Hooper bust out some words of wisdom during an impromptu team talk. Real treat to see my buddy Thomas again, big love to his very cute family.

Coach got a new toy for Christmas, which meant everyone had to spend the session jumping over orlimbo-ing under, the new high jump poles.

The other week I was chatting to Richard Tier and I just randomly spotted Zachary do a huge jump from the corner of my eye. This week from nowhere Ike hucked himself over the high-jump in a similar moment of radness (of course I’m biased). High jump won by Mark Lowe, solid.

Girls are rad. Great to see Moz again and I’m always impressed by Daisy Battam and Amy Cattini. Keep it up girls.

I could mention so many outstanding riders today, you guys know who you are. And I spotted an MRD stem pad on one of the parent’s bikes.

Coaching is generally based on progression. But remember to take the time to simply enjoy your riding. Thomas Hooper mentioned about focusing on fun and enjoying doing your own thing. Sounds obvious, but it often gets blurred. Jumpclub is about having fun riding with friends, everything else is secondary. Finn wasn’t afraid to have a little sing in the middle of his races today, you won’t find that technique in the British Cycling Coaching Handbook. Watching Finn this morning made me think, ‘why rush a race – when you can savour it’.Individual style rules. Finn is super cool and so ishis coaster brake.

Last shout goes to Connor Nowak and his final jump of the session, brilliant.

We won’t be the underdogs forever, but it’s fun whilst it lasts.

Jim Dirt