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session 31/10/15

JumpCUBs kicked off proceedings. Usual crew of Isaac, Harrison, Luke and Bear. Highlight of the session was definitely Harrison’s screaming whilst going through our DIY ‘Halloween Street’.

Medium session was one of the best of year. Slightly lower paced with lots of techy cornering stuff. The group did really well today. #ROTW went to Nicholas after some sweet balancing skills on the gate.

Large session was all about sending it over the table top. Good fun teaching the kids a few dirt jumping tips. Well done people.

Thanks to Steve, Rich, Don and Josh for getting the gate out, maintenance stuff etc etc. Ok hand sign

wp_ss_20151022_0001We had a lack of photos today so here’s a photo borrowed from 2024 Bicycle Motocross Magazine. I’ve talked alot over the last months about encouraging individual flair and also about finding new shapes to enhance your bike handling. Here’s a cool example..