Jumpclub is about having a blast on BMXs with friends.

Our BMX coaching sessions, events and road trips will put a smile on your face and make you & your kids even radder.

Regular sessions take place at Bexhill BMX track (in association with Bexhill BMX Club) and with our friends at 4Down who kindly allow us to use their private park for fund raiser sessions. Keep an eye out for other events and road trips.

Special shout to SourceBMX and JetBMX who flow us nice things all the time.

Jumpclub is run by a bunch of people, including the infamous Jim Dirt who is:

All qualified and insured
British Cycling Federation BMX Level 2 Coach. Ex Jr National Squad Coach.
Two time British Champ & three time UK KOD
179 Club
Sports Science (Bsc Hons)
DBS Checked
Hot wife


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