2015 SE Ripper Jr Race bike

2015 SE Ripper Jr Race bike
So this junior ripper has been tested by 8 year Ike over the past 4 months or so. Here’s the low down:
1. Get the spec at www.sebikes.com
2. Ike is 4ft 6” and the bike size looks like a perfect fit with space for a couple of growth spurts. SE website says the bike is ideal for 4ft 3” to 4ft 10”
3. Over to the little man, who gave it a bunch of praise, “Best bit about my bike is the speed and it’s light and it’s fast. Nothing bad about it”.
4. Ike’s favourite thing to do is jump and that has involved hooking up on a regular basis over the past few months. The alienation ankle biter rims have been impressive and stayed 99% true despite all of that junior abuse.
5. Graphics look kinda average, but no biggie.
6. Brakes are sharp, wheel tensioners make that mechanic dad stuff easy. Front wheel skewer and hollow rear axle are cool touches.
7. Ike rides the bike completely stock with the exception of pedals and front tyre. He didn’t try the stock Wellgo’s. They look ok, but could be grippier. The 1 1/8 Powerblock tyres are standard, but we’ve since bumped up the front to a 1 3/8 just because it feels more forgiving for a kid learning to corner and jump. Mid school stylin’.
8. Bars are the perfect size.
9. 2016 models are now out. They look almost identical, possibly a longer stem.

In summary: Cool little race bike. The whole thing feels well-built and solid. Great for the price. I’d buy it again.
You can purchase from sourcebmx.com