jumpclub@Hersden 19/07/15

Hersden Race report 19th July 2015

Jumpclub and Bexhill Burners hit round 4 of the Hersden summer series on the 19th.

Previously, 17 riders (including local superstars Harley and Marley) competed at the 2nd round. We kept momentum with 13 riders at this round. Here’s the squad low down starting with the 6/7s, our two youngest riders Connor Lowe and Zachary ‘speedball’ Tier looked stronger and faster than ever. Connor taking a 7th (?) and Zachary a 5th in the A final whilst racing kids 2 years older. Ted took on the tougher of the motos, qualified in 4th and then took a crash on the first jump in the A final. Ted still finished the race like a boss. What a day for Joseph White and Sid Battam. They didn’t look like rookies, both looking comfortable in the pack, solid gates all day. Both these boys had no problem with the transition, huge potential if they stick at it. Ike won his motos, took the hole shot in the main, but got pipped for 2nd, proud dad. Going up an age, Max and Joe took the 8&9s by the scruff of the neck. Max took a crash in between what was otherwise a really excellent performance from a rider growing in confidence every time I see him race. Joe was king of the berms all day long. Always looking for a line going into the corners. Just missed out on a podium but deserved a medal for the number of over takes he made, great to watch.
Dylan ‘clayton’ Lowe is our sole rider in the 10&11s. He rode well all day with a strong last straight in his final. Keep going Dylan, great attitude and well loved by the jumpclub entourage.

As if I couldn’t get any prouder, along come the 14-16s. It’s always a tough day when there’s only 1 moto of riders. James Potts doesn’t get the opportunity to come along to jumpclub that frequently, but he’s always welcome. Let’s claim him as one of ours anyway. JP blew the field away, check the video below of one of the motos, sharp technique. Billy Smith is beginning to put it all together including his inhuman stamina, second on the box for Billy. Douglas Lockyer ‘daughters up’ rode like an Amtrak, this boy is super strong and took a deserved third overall. Where the heck did Flyin’ Richard Penny get that fast style from? Didn’t podium this time, but only a matter of time, watch this one.
Mark Lowe pulled out his secret snap in moto 3. He only uses that once a week in training. Mark got caught in traffic once or twice, but rode like a pro all day. Sniffing for a podium, missed out this time, but with his work ethic it’ll come.

Going into round 5, the favourites for some end of series silverware has to be our 14-16s. With 4 riders in the top 5 surely we’ll get some trophy action. Keep an eye on Mark Lowe sneaking up the ladder also.

Every team needs a pit crew. I’m not sure if it’s the grassroots racin’ excitement or just the merlot talking, but our supporters give the riders a massive lift. Sounds cheesey but the riders are as proud of their parents, as we are of our riders. Keep up the good work parents.
The Hersden guys are a rad bunch, and on behalf of us lot a big thanks to Justin, Tony and all of the others. Great commentating by the way. Another congrats from us lot to Elsa Rendall who raced our boys (& beat them) at Hersden round 2. Elsa won the World Championships in Zolder last weekend.
Anyhow, back to Kent. Two questions to finish on:
Who won the raffle and when’s Steve gonna race again or is it RIchard’s turn next?