session 01/08/15

What! Thomas Hooper, Jon ‘Cong’ Barnett and Birdman all hangin’ at Jumpclub? Damn, we roll rad.

The trial 5 & under sessions continued. Harrison and Sonny tackled bridges, tunnels and mines but most importantly fed their bikes some grass during a quick rest break. More fun than an Iceland buffet.

Next session, Ryan and Kai took home the #rotw, well deserved.

Thomas Hooper bust out some words of wisdom during an impromptu team talk. Real treat to see my buddy Thomas again, big love to his very cute family.

Coach got a new toy for Christmas, which meant everyone had to spend the session jumping over orlimbo-ing under, the new high jump poles.

The other week I was chatting to Richard Tier and I just randomly spotted Zachary do a huge jump from the corner of my eye. This week from nowhere Ike hucked himself over the high-jump in a similar moment of radness (of course I’m biased). High jump won by Mark Lowe, solid.

Girls are rad. Great to see Moz again and I’m always impressed by Daisy Battam and Amy Cattini. Keep it up girls.

I could mention so many outstanding riders today, you guys know who you are. And I spotted an MRD stem pad on one of the parent’s bikes.

Coaching is generally based on progression. But remember to take the time to simply enjoy your riding. Thomas Hooper mentioned about focusing on fun and enjoying doing your own thing. Sounds obvious, but it often gets blurred. Jumpclub is about having fun riding with friends, everything else is secondary. Finn wasn’t afraid to have a little sing in the middle of his races today, you won’t find that technique in the British Cycling Coaching Handbook. Watching Finn this morning made me think, ‘why rush a race – when you can savour it’.Individual style rules. Finn is super cool and so ishis coaster brake.

Last shout goes to Connor Nowak and his final jump of the session, brilliant.

We won’t be the underdogs forever, but it’s fun whilst it lasts.

Jim Dirt