session 08/08/15

The Well-Mannered Underdogs

Jack, Sonny and Harrison had a few laps with their respective (sweaty) parents chasing after them. Not actually part of the coaching, but a good giggle.

First session proper was all about the jumping. #ROTW went to Nicholas, well deserved. Lots of good riders in this session. Ryan rode well after taking a hit. It would be good to see more riders padded up like Ryan. do a nice range including some affordable pro-tec set (last time I looked).

Second session was just as intense. Height poles were requested for the second week in a row. Mark or Billy tool the win. Big improvements all round, but especially Douglas Lockyer who took the #ROTW

There’s a whole bunch of riders not getting a mention in these write-ups, but are totally impressing me with their determination. It’s not very BMX, but I’m also appreciating how polite and attentive everyone is.

Big thanks to everyone, especially the Penney family for getting there super early and pimping the third straight.


Good to see Louis Maher back in the mix‏


Jim Dirt King-Fu mid-life style‏


Connor Lowe, not so low


#ROTW Nicholas Newman in the huddle‏


Douglas Lockyer ‘Amtrak’