session 25/07/15

Kicked off with a pilot session for the 5 years and unders this morning. Well done to Jack, Leo, Sonny, Isaac and Harrison. Not bad for a trial run. Sonny couldn’t cope with queuing so left half way through. The White bros and Leo were idyllic, great start from them. Jack is great to watch, such a great rider already. Good fun session.

2nd session was the busiest today. #ROTD was Sid. No one lost a limb during the minefield game. Result. Eva Persaud took part in her first jumpclub session. Not just a pretty face, Eva P looked solid and kept up with the boys. Same for Daisy, great to see her back! Well done to the rest of the boys. Great progress from Nicholas and Daniel over the last few sessions. Well done lads.

Last session was quiet this week. Gave everyone a chance to check their manual technique. Good effort from everyone today, thanks for coming.

Check out Jack in the 5yrs and unders, doing a standard drill. Such a good rider.
5yrs and unders getting ready to rock.
Eva P rolling through straight 3.
Speedball leading the pack.
Harvey and Sid through turn 1.
Sid #rotw
Speedball surviving the minefield (no limbs lost).
Eva P setting off with a smile.
Joseph looking for the pump.
Session 3 debrief.
Leo looking like a Minion, whilst the Dulys put out cones.
Eva P sporting a United Supreme.
Eva P Chasing the pack.